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A short bio

What does Strawberry Woo mean?

Well, one night Dan was needing to come up with a business name whilst bottle feeding his baby daughter.  Her nickname had become Woo as it rhymed with her name.  She was also wearing a onesie that was covered in a Strawberry pattern. So at 2am a light bulb moment happened and Strawberry Woo was created.

Who is this Dan that you write in the third person about?

cartoon of Dan

Dan Procter (or Daniel if his mother is talking to him), started out in event management in 1997 and drove a white van around London running fun casinos. This gave him the flavour for working on multiple and variable projects, plus the work ethic of getting stuff done.

Whilst event management was a big passion, the bright lights of Marketing really hit Dan between the eyes. In 2001, he took on the role of Marketing Co-ordinator for a large membership charity and quickly got involved with developing the online presence of the organisation. This led to him building his first website.

Each position after that Dan has built his digital marketing and digital project management knowledge across large organisations to small businesses, working with large teams and internal stakeholders to providing solutions for external customers. His biggest skill has always been to keep things simple and be able to work between marketing team and IT departments, which as we all know is two very different personality types!

In 2013 Dan started Strawberry Woo, finally able to run his own business and deliver working, usable digital solutions for a range of businesses.

Celebrating 10 years of Strawberry Woo in 2023, we continue to adapt to the requirements of our current and future customers.

What is Strawberry Woo about today?

In today's world, Strawberry Woo aims to be a digital support service to your business. We understand you need to run your business and don't have the skills or time to build and grow you digital presence. Our ability to adapt to new digital platforms and get you up and running correctly is a key strength of ours.

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