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Strawberry Woo Digi School in action

We aim to educate business owners and operators to feel confident in making decisions in the digital world.

Our 4 week course, is designed to answer these questions and more to help you save time, effort and money in the digital marketplace. In order to achieve this you need the tools and knowledge to either take on the challenges yourself or know how to outsource your requirements.

Each week is made up of a two-hour session which will focus on a specific digital topic.

The course is run in our boutique training room in the beautiful surroundings of McLaren Vale. Classes are limited to six people to enable a conversational environment and ability for people to talk openly about their needs and issues.

Course Outline

Week 1 of Digi School – ‘The Digital World’

The digital journey is an insight into what exactly digital means for your business. We look at the world we live in, how that affects the decisions our businesses need to make, and how a digital first approach can help us navigate the online world.

Week 2 of Digi School – ‘Websites and what makes them tick’

  • What is the difference between a custom website and a template?
  • Basic setups, what you do and don’t have access to
  • How much do they really cost?
  • What is SEO and does it really work?
  • We will look at examples of good websites and bad websites and give you the tools and confidence to take ownership of your website.

Week 3 of Digi School – ‘Email marketing and Analytics’

  • How does email marketing work today?
  • What do you need to be successful?
  • Is email still relevant in the world of social media?
  • Digital is 99.9% trackable, every dollar you spend can be accounted for, yet in order to do this, we must understand analytics and put in measurable goals.
  • What analytics are available to us?

Week 4 of Digi School – ‘Social Media, how to be social!’

  • Social Media is in our lives whether we like it or not.
  • What’s the difference between personal and business social media?
  • How can we take advantage of social media?
  • Is every social media tool needed?


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Choose the session that works for you (sessions can not be mixed)


Full price
$425.00 + GST per person

What this course isn’t

This is not social media training, or a “You must do this” approach, our aim is to be open and transparent about the digital world.

What to bring

Digital devices for note taking, or good old school and bring a notepad and pen.  Tea & Coffee will be provided.

Who is running the course?

The Strawberry Woo Digi School is run by Dan Procter, who has 18 years’ experience using digital marketing and tools in businesses for both local and overseas markets for a range of companies large and small.

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Strawberry Woo, Po Box 214, McLaren Vale, SA 5171
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