Who is Strawberry Woo?

Our founders love all things ‘gadget’ and take a keen interest in how technology supports small business. They live and breathe smartphone and tablet use but are equally still attached to a good old browse on the desktop computer! They are passionate about Australian small business and want to provide a service that genuinely helps business owners and operators to have the best possible connection with potential customers.

Oh, and we should probably add to that that our two founders have a hefty 30 years of combined experience in marketing and consumer engagement across Australia and the UK. Not bad considering they are only just approaching their mid-thirties!

Our founders are actively involved in the delivery of Strawberry Woo services and pull on the support of web development specialists on a project by project basis.

Why we started

Strawberry Woo was founded because we were tired of seeing websites and digital marketing that did not do justice to the business they represent.

Business owners and operators spend a lot of time investing in their product or service. But having a poor website can turn customers away before they even hear what the business has to offer!

More specifically, along with 90% of other smartphone, we found ourselves regularly browsing websites and searching for information. We became frustrated with websites which were hard to view on smartphone and tablet devices, or hadn’t been tailored to customers looking for information ‘on the go’.

On researching this further, we discovered that only 9% of small to medium businesses have a mobile friendly website. With smartphone and tablet use on a dramatic increase across all demographics in Australia, this simply has to change!

Strawberry Woo marries together our passion for supporting small business with our vision of living in a world where relevant information is available easily and quickly. We provide affordable, high-quality websites that pull on marketing know-how and most importantly, respond to whatever device potential customers are using.

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Strawberry Woo, Po Box 214, McLaren Vale, SA 5171
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How to make a Strawberry Woo Woo

Add a shot of Absolut Raspberry, Russian Standard and 1/2 a shot of peach schnapps into a large tumbler with ice. Then add some strawberry puree and fill to the top with cranberry juice.

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